The Secret to Shrinkage


Oh, how we all hate shrinkage. We go on a wild goose chase to try to find a product that reduces the amount of shrinkage. We fall victim to all these tales that companies tell us like ,”If you use our product your hair shrinkage will disappear.” The only thing that will disappear is the money from your pocket if  you continue to listen to these lies. Today I am going to tell you the REAL secret to reducing shrinkage. Are you ready?……Alright, here it is……

*crowd gets silent*



THERE IS NO WAY TO REDUCE SHRINKAGE!!!!!!!!!!  (I just saved you time and money)

Shrinkage just comes with being natural, so instead of trying to fight shrinkage how about you learn to Love it! Embrace your short curly hair because you rock!


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  1. You are absolutely right! There are brands out there selling their false promises… It’s so important to not fall into the trap rather accept your hair by pampering them a bit more naturally! Being a curly hair gal, I so relate to you 🙂 Nice post dear!


    1. thank you so much:)!

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  2. curlyheadsanddimples says:

    So true…


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